From The Eagle's Nest

January 2019

Prospects where do I find them and how do I find them?

This is a three-part series addressing the difficulties transportation sales people confront. In this first of three I am addressing building a strategy first before you just start calling.

One of the great challenges all transportation sales people face is where do I begin. I can call anyone who ships anything in America, where do I begin.


  • 1. Start with lanes, markets, and modes of transportation that you are an expert in. For example, if you ship apples out of Washington weekly to the southeast why not focus on every apple grower in the Northwest

  • 2. Determine what you want to achieve. Are you looking to add 10 new loads a week earning an average of $300 a load or are you looking for 25 short loads earning $150 a load?

  • 3. Break your dollar target down into smaller parts so that you can monitor your success on a monthly or quarterly basis rather than looking at the whole year

Once the 3 steps are answered above you can now build a strategy to begin attacking sales.

I am looking to add $10,000 a month in profit. I can achieve that by adding 40 loads a month at $250 a load. In the first quarter I want to add 10 loads a month, second quarter 20 loads a month until I hit my target by the end of the fourth quarter.

I am going to target refrigerated full load freight out of Washington & Oregon delivering to the southeast.

Once you have put this strategy together you can start using the tools and solutions available to you to start prospecting.

David Kraitzick

Director-Satellite Operations & Corporate Development
Eagle Transportation, LLC.

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