From The Eagle's Nest

January 2019

Prospects where do I find them and how do I find them?

This is a three-part series addressing the difficulties transportation sales people confront. In this first of three I am addressing building a strategy first before you just start calling.

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July 2018

Tariff’ic or Not - Part II?

Last month, I discussed some of the tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum and wanted to get everyone thinking about the effects (rather good or bad) that those may have on the industry. Aluminum and steel has been all over the news, but what hasn’t been is the retaliatory tariffs imposed by China on US fresh produce exports.

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June 2018

Tariff’ic or Not?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you have heard about the tariff’s President Trump is imposing on foreign steel and aluminum (25% on steel and 10% on aluminum respectively). The discourse this month is not to talk about my opinion and/or if I think it’s right or wrong; there has been plenty of debate already about that. What I want to discuss and get everyone thinking about is, will this affect the trucking industry and, if so, in what way(s)?

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May 2018

Continuous Improvment

Last month’s blog, I discussed how technology has changed the way we do transportation, for better or worse. This month, I want to continue on that same path and discuss continuous improvement. Pope Francis recently said, “Let us give this wisdom to the youth, like a good wine that gets better with age.” You want your business to get better as it matures and the only way to do that is to continuously improve on the processes you have in place and make them better. Unlike wine, though, your business will not improve if you just leave it alone and forget about it.

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April 2018

Transportation and the Tech Revolution

Technological advancement is nothing new and the same goes for technology in transportation sector, though it has grown substantially over the last 20 years. I don’t think that’s by accident. You can’t turn on the television after work without hearing about the latest iPhone, about AI changing the future, about automation or about Google Assistant helping you with everything from grocery lists to turning off your lights and much more. According to Observer, by 2014 Google was putting 80% of its $569 million U.S. marketing budget on T.V. commercials. Other tech giants aren’t far behind. In only 2 months in 2016, Amazon spent $135 million on T. V. spots versus the meager $8 million they spent total in 2015 on T.V. and radio and the list goes on.

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